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Published on August 25, 2006 By Phacias In WoW

Name: Phacias
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin
Level [60 only]: 60
Primary Talent Tree: Protection
Are you willing to re-spec?: I know it sounds sick but I actually kind of like protection but am fully willing to respec.
Current/Previous Guild(s): Knights of Unrest(Skullcrusher), Sentinels of Frostrune(Skullcrusher), Puppies(Skullcrusher)
Onyxia / MC / BWL Attuned?: All three


List days of the week and time you are available to raid:

Depends on work schedule. No steady work schedule but know at least two weeks in advance what days I have off/am able to safely raid.

Any time that I am able to raid will be between the hours of 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. CST

How many times per week will you raid? At least 2 minimum

What speed is your internet connection? Currently dial-up (definitely will not be raiding until it gets upgraded) but looking into upgrading to DSL.

Are you able to use TeamSpeak & Vent Software? I have previous rudimentary experience with both applications

Do you currently have a working Microphone? Yes.


Helm:[item]Whitesoul Helm[/item]
Neck:[item]Drakefire Amulet[/item][item]Jeklik’s Opaline Talisman[/item][item]Master Sergeant's Insignia[/item]
Shoulders:[item]Stockade Pauldrons[/item]
Cape:[item]Sergeant’s Cape[/item]
Chest:[item]Lightforge Breastplate[/item][item]Knight-Captain's Lamellar Breastplate[/item]
Bracers:[item]Lightforge Bracers[/item][item]Sergeant Major's Plate Wristguards[/item]
Gloves:[item]Lightforge Gauntlets[/item][item]Knight-Lieutenant's Lamellar Gauntlets[/item]
Belt:[item]Lightforge Belt[/item][item]Highlander's Lamellar Girdle[/item]
Legs:[item]Lawbringer Legplates[/item][item]Knight-Captain's Lamellar Leggings[/item]
Boots:[item]Knight-Lieutenant's Lamellar Sabatons[/item]
Ring1:[item]Band of Flesh[/item]
Ring2:[item]Primalist’s Seal[/item]
Trinket(s):[item]Blackhand’s Breadth[/item][item]Ward of the Elements[/item][item]Insignia of the Alliance[/item]
Mainhand:[item]The Hammer of Grace[/item]
Offhand:[item]Rattlecage Buckler[/item]
Ranged: N/A

FIRE RESIST: 68(with FR aura)
NATURE RESIST: Let's not worry about that perfectly round number of 0

I admit, both of those are horrible numbers and I am needing to work on those. I've not as hardcore on WoW as I am going to be very soon so that is the main reason that my resists stink.


- How did you hear about Proximo?

I am a RL friend of Shadowrunner and I conversed with him last night about our WoW experiences when I mentioned something I heard about the previous guild that some people know from (not wanting to open any sore wounds if any, just stating the truth about what we talked about) He mentioned that he had joined from the previous guild into this one and I am a little interested in actually doing a paid character transfer from Skullcrusher to Mug'thol.

- What do you wish to gain from our guild?

I wish to be a part of a guild that is professional in the way they conduct themselves but not to the point where it feels like I'm coming from work to do more "work". Basically, I'm here to enjoy myself, have fun, and not step on toes/get toes stepped on.

- What can you bring to our guild?

I can bring experience from the majority of Zul'Gurub(6 humanoids), Onyxia(down to 0%), and MC (Rag to 51% with one real actual success at Majordomo). I have also dabbled in AQ20(Kurinaxx only), and BWL(1 failed attempt and a nice light show afterwards!) Also, have you seen a pally shield/consecrate at farm on 12 horde? Hey, if I am the only one at farm, then we have to have a little fun, don't we?

But all getting aside, I bring an eagerness to learn new strategies pertaining to my class and the game in general and the willingness to help when I am needed. I am very easy to get along with(most used line in apps ) and Shadowrunner can vouch for me in this department.

- Why did you leave your previous guild(s)?

Knights of Unrest - The guild disbanded and members went their own ways, with the majority (including myself), merging into another guild that was not as far along in MC as we were, which was....

Sentinels of Frostrune: I think this was the worst mistake I had made in my life. I only did one AQ20 with them and that was it. I hit a PvE low due to the merger and PvPed for a month and a half with a dedicated group on Skullcrusher known as SCU. Soon after a raid, the warrior CL was in TS making comments about the group SCU of which him and I both participated in. Even though I could tell the sarcasm, I was actually taken aback by that and left the guild quietly, knowing that if I said anything it wouldn't really carry much weight. I did not feel that I was in sync there so I joined...

Puppies: More of the guild side of SCU. They were made up of some of the more dedicated people that were PvPing at the time, excluding JRV (some people might know who that who transferred from Skullcrusher) and others that were in more established guilds. Wasn't in this guild long before I heard some interesting news so I left and joined...

Knights of Unrest - The guild ended up reforming after weeding out the majority of the members and having some of the core members at the helm who were more responsible. I joined back up two days before my account froze and I am actually quite happy with the progress they are making for a reformation of under a month.

- Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Dustin and you can call me Dustin, Dusty, Dirtdevil or any derivatives of them. I am 23 years of age, single, and a college student who is finally trying to get his life on track (not that I hadn't already been trying to do that anyway ) I currently work for the world's largest private employer (the evil beast known as Wal-Mart Oh well, it pays all of my bills and that is what matters) and am going to class for one day a week. I am heavy into console games as this is where I got my start into the foray of gaming and recently got into online games (about 1 1/2 years on WoW in one form or another)

I also have an Associate's Degree! That's got to amount to something, doesn't it? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

- Have you read the Guild rules and understand them all ?

I have read all of them and have no questions whatsoever

- Has this app been filled out in a way that we can judge you by ?

I've laid my words out for you as honestly as I can without talking to you in reality. They are my 'picture' that describes me best.


Well, I filled that out so I need to clear up a couple of things.

1. Yes, I am from the Skullcrusher realm and am interested in a realm transfer. However, I do not want to transfer and not get accepted and be out $25, my establishment on Skullcrusher, and knowing hardly anybody on Mug'thol. I do however, see the chance the guild takes if they cannot see a demonstration of me in person without transferring. So, it really is up to chance. My words are the most that I can offer without doing a transfer and then not being accepted and becoming disappointed. I don't want either side to be disappointed.

2. Yes, my account is frozen. The majority of my play time was on my account on another person's computer since mine went bust. I played for so long and finally had to take a break so I decided not to get anymore game cards until I could get myself established in the hardware department.

3. I am getting myself a new computer and am looking into upgrading to DSL. I have an Apple Macbook configured and have to jump through a few hoops (figure out a way to pay for it, which has been planned out, and actually get the computer, which won't be for at least two weeks) I also plan on upgrading the Internet I use to DSL so I can better play (dial-up sucks on end game. Tested and failed) I do have access to wireless DSL right now, but the place shuts its doors at 8 CST so that basically shoots the majority of raiding. I hate to start a raid and leave halfway through for any reason unless it is an emergency. I feel like a heel even if it is a viable reason.

4. I am happy being with my current guild and realm. The main reason why I am wanting to transfer is because Shadowrunner is playing on Mug'thol and he is one of the reasons why I really got into WoW in the first place. I don't really like to leave Skullcrusher but I want to be in a place where I can be the most productive and that server has been having some real issues, some of which have crept up since I have a frozen account.

If anybody has any questions or concerns, please post them here and I will do my best to address them in my capacity.

Please do not approve or deny this application right away. This is more of an application to show you what I have and am capable of when I am able to resume my duties as a paladin, in which case is not feasible at this point.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short novel.

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